2 Presents Caregivers Do Not Want To Receive

There are two “presents” that are not welcomed in this time of holiday giving…Stress and Depression! With schedules changing, expectations are high, too much to do, caregivers often fall victim to these difficult emotions.

How can we avoid unwrapping and opening ourselves to these feelings?

# Try to let go of unrealistic expectations, there are things you may not be able to do or accomplish
# Acknowledge your feelings honestly…don’t be afraid of these feeling…because they are just that…Feelings
# Re-evaluate family traditions…some may have to be eliminated or adapted
# Try to let go of past conflicts…balance your needs with your family needs
# Get ready for increased intensity of activities by trying to get more rest
# If you begin to feel blue…visit a friend or find a place where you can find emotional up-lifting (religious event, choir concert, exercise) If these feelings last for more that 2 weeks …talk to your physician.
# Take time for yourself, plan a respite break…do something special for you!

Remember to remove the “shoulds” with I/We “would” enjoy!

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