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Aimee's Blog

A resource for caregivers


My name is Aimee Henry and I have been invited to begin a Caregiver Blog for the residents of Waukesha County. I am a retired Social Worker who focused my career on helping families as they embarked on the roller coaster ride of caregiving. Over the years I have also experienced the caregiver role first hand, on many levels – from caring for aging in-laws and relatives battling cancer and dementia, to caring for a spouse during a three year fight with end stage kidney and liver failure, to my current role as a long distance caregiver for my aging mother who is homebound and blind. So as you can see, I have walked in your shoes!

Caregiving involves many challenges and you must make many difficult decisions while feeling multiple emotions at one time.

This Blog will not only be informative, but designed to help you maintain your personal well-being (which is paramount!), and a place to share supportive information and ideas for options and resources related to caring for an aging loved one. You should never provide care alone – you need a network of support – and your network starts here.

We will discuss:

• Difficult emotions and how we can learn from them.
• Personal stress, what causes it and how to cope with the ups and downs of being a caregiver.
• How to take care of yourself and how self-care affects the level of caregiving you can provide.
• The importance of communication with yourself, health care providers, family members and those you are caring for.
• How to set up a care plan and resources in the home.
• How to participate in activities to ensure good quality of life for your loved one.

I am very excited about this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with you and I hope that you will share your ideas and special moments with me.

I am always open to content suggestions, so let me know what you are thinking or looking for.

Have a blessed day.

  • Coping with Emotional and Physical Demands of Caregiving

    Although caregiving can be a rewarding opportunity for many family caregivers, It can also put them at risk for substantial stress. These stresses can be financial, physical, and psychological in nature. Stress is a mind–body activity which occurs when caregiving demands escalate. These escalated caregiving demands can put a great

  • Caregivers – Tips to Manage Holiday Stress

    For many of us caregiving, often the holidays bring on more stress and less peace on earth and joy to the world! If we can follow a few tips, we may be better able to enjoy our holidays. Tip 1: Set realistic expectations of yourself – You do not have

  • Caution! Heat & Humidity during the “Dog Days of Summer”

    As we age we must remember the our bodies process heat differently and that Hyperthermia happens when the body fails to regulate heat. Hyperthermia manifests in many different forms such as: heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and dizziness and even fainting after prolonged heat exposure. Here are some tips

  • Anticipatory Grief

    Recently while at a caregiver conference I was approached by a gentleman who asked me if it was normal to be grieving before the loss of his terminally ill spouse. My answer was yes, and I continued to tell him the following. Anticipatory grief refers to a grief reaction that

  • Do you have a Caregiver Emergency Plan?

    What if you were seriously injured in a car accident? Had a sudden heart attack? Become seriously ill? The number one thing that most concerns caregivers is: What if something happens to me? 80% of caregivers experience a major medical event prior to the person receiving care. Planning for an

  • Putting Together an Emergency Bag

    When meeting with family caregivers I always inquire whether they have an emergency bag and an emergency plan. Most often I am told that they do not. I thought today we would discuss an Emergency Bag. This bag should be clearly marked “Mom’s Emergency Bag” and be in sight for

  • The Benefits of Routine in Family Caregiving

    A routine helps provide structure and focus to your caregiving activities and help you to manage your life as a caregiver. Routines allow you to accomplish your goals and live a happy, healthy life. Established routines also provide benefits to both you and your care partner. Routines establish a sense

  • 5 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Family Caregivers

    Making New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult to formulate for a family caregiver, it seems like another stress we place upon ourselves. If we can address our resolutions into a positive statement, “I will” instead of a negative “I will not…” for the next year, it seems to help with

  • How Caregivers Can Create a “Healthy Holiday” Season

    The holiday season is upon us and there are increased demands placed upon us as caregivers. We need to protect ourselves from these stresses. Sometimes our emotions don’t match the season. We also need to protect ourselves from depression setting in! Here are some things to consider to help you