How Caregivers Can Create a “Healthy Holiday” Season

The holiday season is upon us and there are increased demands placed upon us as caregivers. We need to protect ourselves from these stresses. Sometimes our emotions don’t match the season. We also need to protect ourselves from depression setting in!
Here are some things to consider to help you have a “Healthy Holiday”!

• Let go of unrealistic expectations:
You can’t recreate the past, look for joy in your everyday activities

• Acknowledge and express your feelings honestly:
They are just feelings, neither right nor wrong.

• If you are an isolator or tend to withdraw:
Invite others to a get together … be proactive, not reactive.

• Re-evaluate your traditions:
Is there one you can give up or one you can share?

• Don’t expect extended family problems to disappears just because it’s the holiday:
Reduce the amount of time you spend with difficult family members.

• Prepare for the extra intensity:
Take time to rejuvenate, get enough sleep.

• Don’t forget to nurture yourself:
It is not selfish to do something special for yourself.

• If you are feeling lonely or depressed go where you can find support and encouragement:
Talk to a friend or go to a faith based activity.

• Be careful about over-indulging:
Eat, drink and spend in moderation.

• Remind yourself of the true meaning of the holidays:
Focus on what is most positive about the holiday for you!

Each year as holidays approach, caregivers should decide what feels most appropriate for them and what amount of time and energy they have available for holiday celebrations! Let us hear about your celebrations.

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