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Artist in Residence program for care-partners in Waukesha County.

SPARK! AIR is a program for caregivers and loved ones with beginning to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


What is SPARK!AIR?

SPARK!AIR is a unique program designed specifically for people with memory loss and their care partners. SPARK!AIR programs offer participants an opportunity to enhance their quality of life through social engagement, mental stimulation, and communication.

Through the use of multi-sensory stimulation, exhibit interpretation and object handling, SPARK!AIR participants will gain knowledge and experiences in the arts and natural history, cultural and scientific topics. SPARK!AIR does not focus on past experiences or knowledge, rather, the here and now, asking how an object or exhibit makes one feel or react. Each month the program offers a totally new experience that stimulates pleasurable conversations. The atmosphere is welcoming and stimulating. Attendees enjoy a wonderful time and are eager to come back for more! Registration is required:  Please call ERAs Senior Network at 262-549-3348


Is SPARK!AIR for me?

SPARK!AIR is for adults living with memory loss and related dementias in the early to middle stages and their care partner

What should I expect as a care partner?

This program is as much for care partners as those living with memory loss. Care partners are encouraged to actively participate! We strive to make this experience as welcoming as possible by adapting the environment to meet physical needs and making sure everyone is comfortable and safe.

Why should we come to SPARK!AIR?

Research in the field of memory loss is continuing to show that creative engagement not only enhances the quality of life for participants, but also aids in better overall health.


Future Events

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