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Marty and Jane Loppnow


Marty and Jane Loppnow

Marty and Jane Loppnow have worked at Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse a combined 56 years, and are currently celebrating the 111th anniversary of business at what they believe to be the oldest floral shop in Waukesha. The couple met at Milwaukee Area Technical College while studying horticulture and have been planting side by side for 30 married years. They have two daughters: Grace who is one year from receiving her PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota and Hannah, Faith in Action Program Supervisor at Interfaith Senior Programs. Both Marty and Jane love to travel and enjoy living in their Frank Lloyd Wright-like home in Genesee Depot.

They are proud recipients of the Marketer of the Year Award from the Society of American Florists, 2014 Retailer of the Year from Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Florists Association, members of the Waukesha Business Alliance, Top 250 Florist Nationwide from FTD and Teleflora and 2014 “A-List” Winner for Best Weddings. They volunteer their decorating skills at St. Paul Parish, Genesee Depot.

"Life's just more fun with a little bling! I got started beading after walking into a beadshop and wondering what people did with those crystals, gemstones and other beads. I needed a gift for a friend, so the staff showed me how to make a bracelet. The rest is history! I've made dozens of bracelets, using techniques such as stringing and stitching. I've worked with large beads and very tiny ones, creating something original, or more likely, following a pattern purchased from a designer. All of it has been fun!"

- Mary Label

Mary Label