Summer Tips for Caregivers

Summer Tips for Caregivers
Summer’s coming and the heat is on! Here are some great tips for keeping your loved one safe.
• Hydration, hydration, hydration… Keep your loved one hydrated. Have a large ice water always available and encourage your loved one to drink water throughout the course of the day, even if they’re not particularly thirsty. As adults age, the amount of water retained by the body decreases substantially.
• Limit sun exposure during 10am & 3pm. Try to plan short outings either early or later in the day, when the temperatures are milder. Bring along sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for outdoor activities.
• Never leave a loved one in a car while running errands.
• Make sure your loved ones wear lightweight loose fitting clothing, giving the body breathing room.
• Block direct sunlight in the house by keeping curtains and blinds closed in order to keep the house cool longer.
• Encourage good summer nutrition by having a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthy snacks on hand. You can make balanced meals and snacks with the wide variety of cool foods and pre-made items available. Consider having items such as low fat cheeses, nut butters and nuts, pre-cooked grilled chicken, and yogurt. Pre-cut some fruit and vegetables to have an easy, hydrating snack on hand. Plan several small meals rather than 2 large ones.
Do you have additional ideas to share? How do you keep your care receivers safe and healthy during the hot summer months? Please let us hear your ideas.

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